1) PHR-MODAL If you say that something is going to happen, you mean that it will happen in the future, usually quite soon.

I think it's going to be successful...

You're going to enjoy this...

I'm going to have to tell him the truth...

Are they going to be alright?

2) PHR-MODAL You say that you are going to do something to express your intention or determination to do it.

I'm going to go to bed...

He announced that he's going to resign...

I was not going to compromise.

3) N-UNCOUNT: the N, adj N You use the going to talk about how easy or difficult it is to do something. You can also say that something is, for example, hard going or tough going.

He has her support to fall back on when the going gets tough...

Though the talks had been hard going at the start, they had become more friendly.

4) N-UNCOUNT: oft the N In horse racing and horse riding, when you talk about the going, you are talking about the condition of the surface the horses are running on.

The going was soft; some horses found it hard work.

5) ADJ: ADJ n The going rate or the going salary is the usual amount of money that you expect to pay or receive for something.

She says that's the going rate for a house this big...

That's about half the going price on world oil markets.

6) See also go
7) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If someone or something has a lot going for them, they have a lot of advantages.

This area has a lot going for it...

I wish I could show you the things you've got going for you.

8) PHRASE: V inflects When you get going, you start doing something or start a journey, especially after a delay.

Now what about that shopping list? I've got to get going.

9) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that someone should do something while the going is good, you are advising them to do it while things are going well and they still have the opportunity, because you think it will become much more difficult to do.

People are leaving in their thousands while the going is good.

10) PHRASE: V inflects If you keep going, you continue doing things or doing a particular thing.

I like to keep going. I hate to sit still.

11) PHRASE: V inflects If you can keep going with the money you have, you can manage to live on it.

Things were difficult, and we needed her wages to keep going.

12) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR, oft PHR for n If you say that something that has been achieved is good going or not bad going, you mean that it is better than usual or than expected. [mainly BRIT, INFORMAL]

4,000 copies of Wuthering Heights went in two days. That's not bad going for a book that has been on the market for 145 years.

13) PHRASE: usu PHR after v If you say that something is enough to be going on with, you mean that it is enough for your needs at the moment, although you will need something better at some time in the future. [mainly BRIT]

It was a good enough description for Mattie to be going on with.

14) PHRASE: PHR num You can use going on before a number to say that something has almost reached that number. For example, you can say that someone is going on 40 to indicate that they are nearly 40.

We've been married for going on two years...

This is 1980 going on 1981.

15) comings and goingssee coming
going concernsee concern

English dictionary. 2008.

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